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Writer is well over 21, character is over 18

"What I want to know is how we've made any progress at all if we keep fighting each other?!

NAME: Dia'ndria Starfall (Originally Dia'ndria Starseeker)
ALIASES: Dia, 'Starfall'
FANDOM: Star Wars
CANON POINT: (IMPORTANT) Based loosely on the Sith Inquisitor from Star Wars: The Old Republic, in that she's a slave risen to the rank of Sith Lord (and borrows the weapon/skills), but doesn't follow the primary storyline of the character (ex: She's a Sith's Apprentice betrayed by her master, but not Darth Zash's apprentice specifically. This is mostly to avoid issues with Companion type characters, since the Sith Inquisitor is a customizable character, and to allow me freedom to explore certain story angles).
AGE: 25
SPECIES: Human, cybernetic hands.
SEX AND GENDER: Female, this is also the gender which she identifies (should her physical sex be switched via some event thing).
ORIENTATION: Bicurious is probably the closest one.
AFFILIATION: Exiled Sith, has since gone extraordinarily gray.

What I AM okay with: Most everything. I prefer to discuss it, if at all possible Dia can play rough or soft, depending on her partner, although she's not always seeking it. Truthfully, she prefers not to be tied down to any one individual right now, being somewhat commitment-phobic due to a massive number of personal issues.
What I am NOT okay with: The usual bodily fluid thing. Overly bloody or violent encounters, excessive gore. No Underage.



BACKTAGGING: Oh hell yes. I'm sometimes slow due to RL issues or my own (usually job related), I'm also good with handwaving. Although in the case of handwaving, I'd like to discuss what exactly occurred.
THREADJACKING: Warn me first? That's all I ask. Gmail doesn't always notify me for tags, especially lately.

IC permissions

HUGS: Assuming it's out of nowhere: At your own risk. Prepare for Awkward!Dia if you do.
KISSES: Her reaction will be 'wat' if it comes out of nowhere, but go for it (Seriously, confusing her is hilarious).
FLIRTING: Will be met with some initial confusion, but knock yourself out, she might even flirt back! Especially if it amuses her, or if she legit likes you.
FIGHTING: Talk to me please! But I'm generally a go for it.
INJURY: TALK TO ME PLEASE. Force bullshit aside, she's still a squishy human meatbag.
TELEPATHIC CONTACT: Aside from whatever defenses she has based on the Force (You aren't going to telepathically force her to do something out of character, for example), she has no real defenses. That said, her mind's not necessarily a nice place to be.
WARNINGS: Dia is not a nice person. A civil person in most respects, especially if you're willing to talk to her first, but she's not above being violent and killing when it becomes necessary. She'll talk civilly with Jedi, Republic sorts, Rebellion types, and so on, as long as they don't attack her first. She might even come to respect them if they treat her like a sentient being, instead of a pawn or a terrible monster out to eat their face! That said, when she fights, she fights dirty, and she fights to win. Using force powers and all her skills at her disposal to do so. Dia will attempt to end the encounter quickly and decisively. She's not above fleeing if she's losing, seeing survival as a priority high above any sort of honor.

As a Force Sensitive Slave who was sold into slavery when she was very young after much of her family was murdered, Dia holds a bit of a bitter spite and resentment towards most of the world around her (this is especially evident in the presence of her own reality). Sarcasm and dry humor typically hide this beneath the surface, along with a general attitude against authority and hiding behind 'tradition', especially since tradition typically meant that she was more a tool or a weapon to be molded rather than a person.

Unsurprisingly, when she was betrayed by her master and left for dead, this forced Dia to reevaluate her life on a grand scale. Where previously, she gleefully jumped at the chance to show power and little mercy, she started to question how she was taught. How she was raised after her force sensitivity was discovered. While not sweetness and light, nor the restrained calm of the Jedi, Dia seeks to at least attempt to see the world around her for a more balanced perspective.

And not necessarily one built around betrayal, and little games for power. She seeks freedom and survival as her foremost priorities, rather than wanting to conquer the galaxy with her worldview. The constant infighting and power plays of the other Sith irritate her, and she cares little for politics otherwise.

Basically, take Luke's path and somewhat invert it: Instead of light to dark/grey, she's dark to light/grey


A (renounced and Exiled) Sith Assassin to be specific, Dia's skills lie largely in stealth and being unseen, knowing how to use the Force to make herself blend in with a crowd or for people to generally ignore her presence (This is by and large a 'misdirection' type of effect, as in, people will generally find other things to notice, or she'll just simply fade in with the crowd--droids and those immune to psychic effects will generally see through this effect unless she's taking other steps to not be seen).

Largely, she knows how to fight and defend herself with a twin-bladed lightsaber, and generally this is her preferred weapon along with basic telekinetic force powers. She's no stranger to Force Lightning, but generally avoids using it because it's draining, and typically prevents her from doing anything else unless limited to short, close range bursts (rather than the long, drawn out blasts other Sith seem to favor).

As is typical in the Star Wars universe, she can deflect blaster shots with good old fashioned Light Saber-slash-Force bullshit, although this gets more difficult the more people shooting at her there are.

Otherwise, she can use the Force in a variety of other wise, Force Persuasion (Droids and the psychically immune can ignore this), and various telekinetic style feats (Push, jumping, etc).

While understanding of several languages in the SW universe, Dia herself only speaks Basic. Which to us, is the universal language: English.

Frankly, to cross fandoms a little bit, she fights a lot like an aggressive Airbender. Adapting, evading, and a lot of circular and spinning motions for momentum.


A long handled weapon that emits blades from both ends, Dia's dualsaber is her primary weapon, and one she constructed herself before she left Korriban. The weapon is, however, one styled in a multifunction saber similar to Ventress's sabers, in that it can work as a dualsaber, or alternatively, come apart into two separate one-handed blades. This allows Dia to alter and adapt her fighting style on the fly, depending on who and what she's up against. She tends to switch styles with extraordinary fluidity, occasionally using this skill to keep the opponent on the defense, as she's capable of switching saber stances on the fly.

Psychics As stated above she has no real defenses, but her mind's full of spite, anger, and not nice things.

Scanning devices Since apparently some can detect force sensitives, that'll ping. Otherwise, human, cybernetic hands starting at the mid forearm and a few mild modifications to support them.

Magical Senses/The Force She's pretty corrupted by the Dark Side, but in tight control of it. Very gray, rather than outright straight up and up Dark.


Short (Around 5'4", 5'5"), mildly curvy, pale skinned, with the typical yellowish faintly lit eyes of one of the Sith. Dia stands with confidence and is known to talk with her hands, typically gesturing to add to her point and out of habit. Silvery cybernetic hands replace her own, with metallic bracers on her arms that both help hold them in place, and hide scarring. They're from her mid-forearms and on.

Dia's clothing is typically whatever she finds the most comfortable. Her favored colors are usually and mildly typical for a Sith in that they're red and black. She usually wears a light, skin-baring top since she's more about evading than actually tanking hits, and having lightweight clothing is essential to this. A belt and matching long, ankle-length kilt complete this, with the long handle of her double-saber strapped to her hip. She is typically barefoot, unless the weather or climate doesn't permit.

While she's fond of pretty, material things, she doesn't wear much jewelry aside from her collar-slash-necklace, and make-up is a concept outside her purview, finding it more trouble than it's worth.

AIM/PLURK/OTHER: AIM: Kintotech, Plurk: Kintotech

Star Wars: The Old Republic is the property of LucasArts, BioWare, and Electronic Arts. This here is just for fun. Star Wars in and of itself is a property owned by George Lucas and Disney. I am neither, or I'd be much, much, much richer.
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